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For us in the world of Ihanan Hamami, responsibility is an important cornerstone. We have built a store on that stone foundation that brings a little bit of luxury to your everyday life.
Our product is 100% made of natural materials and at least 30% handmade. I have personally visited the factories to wonder what is happening in the production chain. Our products are always tested and washed once, that's why we give our products a 100% quality guarantee.


Ihana Hamam is an online store specializing in hamam products. We are also the only company that manufactures hamam turbans. In addition to turbans, our collection includes bath and hand towels, tablecloths and multi-purpose hamam blankets.

At Ihana Hamam, we believe in interaction. We try our best to take our customers' needs into account and develop our selection in the direction our customers want. Our entire product range is actually built on the basis of this cooperation!

At the beginning of our story, the color scheme of our products was quite restrained and there were about two dozen Ihana Hamam towel models. Based on several customer meetings and ideas, that selection has expanded and now already covers more than 100 different model and color options! Our customers also had a hand in the creation of the Ihana Hamam hand towel collection - we received a lot of requests for smaller and more practical towels that could be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. The idea of towels was born, the material of which would be sufficiently absorbent and the world of colors and patterns would be more resistant to stains. The same interaction has also been a background factor in the birth of the Sauna tablecloth collection.

Our Luxury Hamam towel collection has been created with versatility in mind. The product works both as a towel, a picnic mat and as a decoration element! Our Hamam blankets, which are available in several different sizes, are also aimed at decorators. The products in this collection are slightly thicker and their quality is meant to last.

The subject of our pride The wonderful Hamam turban was born from a great idea, partly in collaboration with all our wonderful curly girl customers! Drying long hair with a terry towel is difficult - the towel becomes heavy when it gets wet and rubbing with it damages the hair. The material of the hamam towels was perceived as more absorbent and lighter, and it dried the hair faster. It was also more convenient to tie on the head - but could it be made even easier? The wonderful Hamam turban was born, in which the hair is wrapped and fastened with a button around the neck. Voilá - the headpiece dries the hair, keeps up with the briskest going and you can even sleep with it on!

For us at Ihana Hamam, responsibility is important. For this reason, we take good care of our production chain and visit e.g. personally checking the factories we use. Our products are always made of 100% cotton and at least 30% of each one is handmade. Our products are also tested and pre-washed - this is why we always give our products a 100% quality guarantee.

In our company, aesthetics, responsibility and quality go hand in hand. This is why the Ihana Hamam product is the most wonderful purchase - both as a gift and for yourself!


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