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What is Ihana Hamam?

Ihana Hamam is a web shop specialized in hamam products. We are also the only company with hamam turbans. In addition to turbans, our collection includes hamam towels, handtowels, sauna towels and multifunctional hamam blankets.

We at Ihana Hamam believe in interaction. We are doing our best to take our customers’ needs into consideration and to develop our selection to please our clients. The co-operation with our customers has basically been the base of our whole product line.

In the beginning of our journey our colour scale was quite discreet and there were approximately 20 Ihana Hamam towels available. After countless of meetings with our lovely customers and seizing the ideas they gave us, our assortment has now extended to over 100 different models and colour combinations! The customers also helped us a great deal in developing Ihana Hamam handtowels – we got a lot of requests of smaller and more practical towels which could be used in both kitchen and in the bathroom. Inspired by that, we wanted to create a towel which would work in those conditions both material-, colour-, and pattern wise. This same interaction played a big role in creating Sauna towels too.

There is one key word to describe the Luxury Hamam towels - versatile. It can be used as a towel; picnic underlay or as an interior decoration element! Also, our Hamam blankets, which come in various sizes, are developed with all the interior decoration maniacs in mind. Their material is a bit thicker and the quality is meant to last.

Our pride and joy, the Ihana Hamam turban saw daylight when co-operating with some of our awesome curly girl customers! Drying long hair with a regular towel can be a bit hard – the towel becomes heavy when wet and rubbing only damages your hair. The customers experienced the hamam material much lighter and more absorbent. It was also very handy to tie around the head – but could there be a way to make all this even easier? The answer was the Ihana Hamam turban – you fold your hair inside, twist and fasten the turban with a button. Voilà – it dries your hair, stays with you even with a rougher rodeo and you can even sleep with it!

We in Ihana Hamam care deeply about the responsibility. Therefore, we take good care of our business and have for example personally visited the factories we are using in our production line. Our products are always made of 100% cotton and each product is made at least 30% by hand. Our products are always tested and prewashed – therefore we will give them 100% quality guarantee.

Our company is all about aesthetics, responsibility and quality. This is the reason why an Ihana Hamam product is a great catch – both as a gift or for yourself!

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