Curly girl here hi!

Curly girl täällä moi!
When I got to know Ihana Hamami's hair turbans for the first time a couple of years ago, I had no idea how completely they would change my everyday hair care routine. "Funny idea", I remember thinking and also thinking in my head that the turban is certainly quite convenient as it doesn't weigh as much as a towel and therefore doesn't swing from side to side in the evening after showering. Yup. Very funny and fairly convenient. So it must be.
CRUNCHMMMM. Sit down and let me tell you. Fun and convenient are rather thin expressions, because this little piece of fabric that resembles an elf hat is a perfect lifesaver! Light, absorbent and stays in place like a nail! A turban saves emergency pants time, because I'm the worst in the world at using any kind of hair dryer - I don't think I actually even own one. Often, after a shower or a sauna, I just put a bit of styling product on my hair, wrap a turban to protect my damp hair, and go about it without thinking about it. And simsalabim, after a few hours the hair is already almost dry! In addition to this, the waves characteristic of my naturally curly hair have appeared in them, the existence of which I was not even aware of before I got to know turbans. I own several turbans these days, and I often use the thickest ones in the sauna, both to protect my hair and to enhance the hair mask. It would not be good to sauna your hair, at least in the hottest baths without protection so that the surface of the individual hair is unnecessarily damaged by the heat.
Both in summer and winter, the turban has served as a great addition on swimming trips - in summer it protects your head from the scorching sun and you don't have to wrap your whole hair inside it if you want. You can let your hair fall over your shoulders normally and wrap the turban around your head like a headdress. In last summer's street photo, turbans used as part of the outfit, combined with wrap dresses and sandals, were also delightfully visible. What better, more practical and more relaxed combination! A turban is also the best companion in the winter weather and perfectly replaces a woolen beanie with anything other than a hat. 
It is still incomprehensible to me how something so small can be so functional and improve the quality of life so significantly. I laugh to myself with amusement sometimes. Drying your hair - because it became so hip and so art? Answer: the second it became so easy! Honestly and hand to heart - I no longer know how I would manage without this acquaintance.

Have you already tested the Ihana Hamam turban and which one is your favorite?



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