High-quality equipment is the most important thing in the production of towels. The machines wrap the threads carefully, after which the dyeing begins. The next stage is the weaving stage, during which the towel takes its final shape. After this, we move on to the last step, which is finishing. Briefly presented here is the towel manufacturing process in a few sentences. During these steps, the towel is carefully examined to ensure that it is of high quality. Cotton is often used as a raw material in the production of towels, and it plays a large role in the absorbency and quality of the towel. In cases where the raw material is something other than cotton, linen, modal, corn, seaweed or lyocell can be used.

In recent years, filament has been mixed with cotton, and towels have been made from this. Filament is softer than cotton, so when you mix them, the material becomes softer and with that the dyeing also becomes brighter.

Many different materials are used for hand towels because they are used for many different purposes. The most important thing when using terry fabric in production is that the weft frequency is 12–25 weft/centimeter and the warp frequency in the same form is 18–30 warp/centimeter. With the development of technology, the towel weaving machinery has also developed and the improvement in quality can be seen with the eyes.

Hand towels are the most used towel model today. Hand towels are often found in home washrooms and are used to dry hands after washing. Hand towels are a hygienic alternative to other similar ones and should be practical. It is important to take care of the quality of hand towels, because they can spread infections if they are of low quality. That's why we use high-quality material in our hand towels, cotton, which is the most hygienic option and stays good for a long time.

The bathrobes are made of cotton, as are the hand towels. The bathrobe covers the whole body, which is why using cotton is more important than towels. Bathrobes are available in several sizes, both for children and for women and men. That's why the process of making bathrobes varies a lot in terms of colors and cuts.

The production of luxury towels does not differ from the production of ordinary towels except in terms of design and materials. The differences affect the price, but their use is preferred above all in home decoration.


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