Our story

The story of Hamam.fi goes back to a holiday trip to Turkey. You know the kind of family vacation that is in the midst of busy hours and taking a week off. Forget the clock and enjoy being together and the sun.

Turkey as a travel destination repeated itself and the culture became more familiar. With each trip, even our kids have been waiting the most for the Hamam spa experience because it's a mom so wonderful, I hear it every time.

Already on our first trip, we brought a few Hamam towels with us, without further ado.

Towels did not come to real action at home, and that was a delight from that moment on.

That delight was a refreshment, goodbye with terry towels and a light, light-weight Hamam towel. No matter how wonderful it is to drape a Hamam towel in a cupboard, it takes up far less space than a terry towel and still has room! | royalty I have experience in the textile sector and I have done on throughout my career, textiles and fashion. Aesthetically beautiful towels work in everyday life and their quality surprised us. Through experience, I came up with an idea that got my wings down and was born hamam.fi. Every day may not always be good, but every day there is always something good <3 And that good is behind hamam.fi. I have personally visited the site and take a look at the factories, which pyyhkeemme come. Good is done to get around.

Hamam towel is easy and clever. It's easy to grab a training bag, an armpit for a picnic with the kids, and yes, last summer our kids even built a hut with hammock towels.

Order yourself a lovely Hamam and fall in love.

Wonderful moments in your everyday life,