The roots of the wonderful Hamam story go back to a holiday trip to Turkey. You know the kind of family vacation when you live in the middle of peak years and take a week off. Let's forget the clock completely and enjoy the sun and being together. Over the years, Turkey became a frequent travel destination and the culture became more and more familiar. On every trip, all of us, even our children, always looked forward to the hammam spa experience the most. Even from our first trips, we brought a few Hamam towels with us, without thinking about it. The towels only got real use at home - and that was the beginning of a great love story! That love led to a renewal: we said goodbye to thick terry towels and welcomed light, space-saving hamam towels.

The aesthetically beautiful towels work brilliantly in everyday life and their quality also surprised us. Through personal experiences, an idea was born, which soon took off and that's how Ihana Hamam was born.

The cornerstone of our company is beautiful and high-quality hamam products. Our product family is very versatile, both in terms of the products themselves and their visual appearance. In addition to towels, our selection also includes blankets, interior textiles, tablecloths and the newest, captivatingly soft Ihana Hamam bathrobes. We were also the first operator in Finland to bring the highly popular hamam turbans to the market. At the beginning of our company, our product selection followed a rather restrained, Scandinavian line, but over time, our world of colors and patterns has changed in a more lively direction. Because we believe in interaction, we do our best to meet our customers' wishes, and that's why we constantly renew and develop our selection.

This is also something we want to hold on to. We also want to offer the beauty and practicality of versatile tableware in the future - in one package.

Responsibility is important to us. This is why we are meticulous about our production chain and do our best to take good care of it. The factories we use have Oeko-Tex and GOTS certificates and we regularly visit them ourselves. Our products are always made of 100% natural materials and at least 30% of each piece is handmade.

The quality of our products has also been tested and they are pre-washed. Because of all these things, we always give our products a 100% quality guarantee. In Finland, our main office is located in Pori. We have many dealers and Ihana Hamam's showrooms are currently located in connection with Lempi Lifestyle stores in Pori and Seinäjoki.

When you find things in life that fall into place and speak - when you find something good in life - you have to put it into circulation. That good is behind Ihana Hamamink's thinking. Hamam products are easy and handy and they bring beauty, joy and practicality to almost every situation (believe me, I'm not lying: one of our customers said that he built a photo backdrop for his boho wedding out of a few hamam blankets and the photos turned out to be the most beautiful ever!). For us, aesthetics, responsibility and quality go hand in hand, and this is why the Ihana Hamam product is the most wonderful purchase - both as a gift and for yourself!

Beautiful and gentle moments in your everyday life, be it alone or together, in the country or in the city, near or far.
Memu & Sanna & Paula


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