Lempi Waffle Käsipyyhe - Waffle-mallisto
Lempi Waffle Käsipyyhe - Waffle-mallisto

Favorite Waffle Hand towel


Color: White


Lovely Hamam's little sister - Favorite Lifestyle and a new waffle series!

Now also available from us!

The very first, own Lempi towel! The wonderfully plush and large waffle pattern makes Lemp's waffle fabric as light as cotton candy and at the same time as crunchy as a waffle!

The towels dry well and the wonderfully soft organic cotton feels pleasant on the skin. Due to the structural properties of the waffle fabric, it is important to follow the care instructions carefully so that the towel retains its shape and remains just as wonderful.

Weight 160g
100% Organic cotton
wash at 40 degrees,

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White, Beige, Pink, Black