Point Hamam Pyyhe - Vaalean harmaa - Kylpypyyhkeet
Point Hamam Pyyhe - Kylpypyyhkeet
Point hamam pyyhe

Point Hamam Towel


Color: Black

Light gray

Point Hamam Towel

These towels are the best quality! They are made entirely of hand-woven high-quality yarn, which gives the product a very soft texture. This product will not age as long as you wash it properly because we never compromise on quality!

• 100% cotton
• coco 95 x 170cm
• weight 340g
• esipesty
• good absorbency
• practicality

Care instructions:
• weight 40°C
• no tumble drying
• no fabric softener
• machine wash with phosphate-free detergent

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Black, Light gray