NEW GIANT WHOLE - Room fragrance A wonderful day | Delivery in October


Lemppi's very own room scents now come in a HUGE collection! The packaging of the fragrances is decorated with our lovely prints and our friendly text. The room fragrance is wonderful to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. Perfect for someone who already has everything!

Create a wonderful atmosphere in your home with the help of fragrance!

You can adjust the scent by choosing the number of scent sticks in the bottle. I recommend that you turn the sticks a few times during the first few days. This ensures that the sticks dispense the scent more evenly.

200 ml room fragrance in a glass bottle, comes with 4 wooden sticks.

The scent stays at its strongest for about 3 months.

Room fragrances bring their own addition to the interior of the home with their smell and appearance.